Watercolor Lettering Lesson

SUPPLIES: Watercolor paintbrush, cup of water, two different watercolor paints (blue and green for example), watercolor palette, outlines of letters lightly drawn in pencil on watercolor paper or a sheet of watercolor paper for free-hand lettering.

STEP 1: Add a thin, light wash of water inside of letter. If free-hand lettering, draw letters with plain water on watercolor paper (do not add pigments yet).

STEP 2: Add one color of watercolor to the top of the letter then add the other color to the bottom of the letter. Do not add pigment to the middle of the letter.

STEP 3: Add a small amount of water to tip of brush. Gently wash the middle of the letter blending the two colors with plain water. Paint a thin shadow line around the letter with one of the watercolor paints.

STEP 4: Finish practicing with the entire alphabet or various words.

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